Sunday, January 26, 2014

Internal Change

Things happen in life. You live and you learn. But when you are in the mix of it all you don't see the outcome.

Change is all around us. Making us who we are as people. We change every single day. We discover things about ourselves that we didn't know yesterday.

Being here, living in a new place, with new people is changing me and who I thought I was back home. I am having fun, and I love it here, but the change is scaring. It is also exhilarating. The difficulty in it all is accepting those changes.

How can you live your life a certain way for so long, and when you discover new things about yourself, and life, just accept it? It's hard. It is easier said than done. I think we all have moments in our lives where we really just have an eye opener. Something that literally changes your life. Whether it is with people you meet, or an experience you tried for the first time, it can make the difference.

I am having a life change. I am having a hard time accepting certain things, but I am gratefully and selfishly accepting the things that are "acceptable", "beneficial", "valuable". It will never be easy accepting the troublesome you are faced with.
I usually have something philosophical, and promising to say. To encourage you. To try and make everything better, or more easy if you are experiencing a similar situation, but let's get real here, shit happens. I am writing and more than 20 different countries are reading, so lets be honest and say it how it is. Shit that you don't want to happen, will happen. You won't want to accept it, but you have to do it. You have to accept it, so that you can be happy. Because if you are not internally happy with your self, your life will be miserable.
The actions that we have to take to complete the change that is challenging will be the most important steps you take as a person.

So with that said, I hope today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today!

Love always,
TaylerMarie <3

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