Monday, June 10, 2013

Sun burn/Tan (;

Nothing ever ceases to amaze me!
I am constantly seeing change in this world. Where there is negativity, there is always the positive outcome taken from the situation.
Take a sunburn for example. Your skin is burnt, and it hurts, but in the end you get a beautiful, and natural tan as your outcome, and you look glowing!

I take my experience, and treat it like a sun burn. It hurt, and it blistered a little, but with a little care, I am receiving a wonderful glowing tan. They never tell you that after that horrible sun burn, and you get that wonderful glow, that you gain confidence, and assurance that life will go on, and you will prosper and gain so much! I know I am learning more and more everyday.

I learned, that when you have a negative aspect on life, when you are trying to deal with life, and your home situation, life is hard, and you have no confidence, no glow. You don't want that. You don't deserve that. You deserve all the glow in the world. But trust me when I say the sunburn only last for a little while.

In your eyes, in your own perception of the situation, your thoughts are only negative. How can I move on from this? How can I change for the better, when I have nothing left to gain? When I feel nothing? When I have no hope left?

Listen to me, you have EVERYTHING to gain! Everything. You have your whole life. You go to college, meet new people, change your whole world because you're finally on your own! You get to have fun, and fall in and out of love. Be crazy, wild, outgoing, loving, trusting, all the things you didn't think you could be before.

You have everything gain. You can graduate, get a wonderful job, and a new home, and husband, start a family, and learn to feel all those wonderful feelings, the glowing tan, that's right beneath you. All of this should give you hope. Hope that you can make it out of this negative situation, and you can become something so wonderful in life. That you can make the best of your sun burn, and gain your glowing tan. Because you know what? You deserve it! That tan will suit you, and you will learn to have the confidence, and assurance I know you have buried deep with in your body, mind, and soul. You will be everything you set your mind too.

So just breath, and know everything will be okay!

Love always,

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