Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blissful Happenings!!

Hello world!! How are we doing? Hope all is well with everyone.

Recently I have had a ton of things happen in my life. I have had relaxation, and fun times. Got to spend time with friends, and learn things I never knew. I have received much need family time, and I have had some very weird and crazy dreams post graduation.

I have grown so much as person in the last couple of days. I think adulthood, and college are going to suit me well. Much better than high school. I have really been thinking about my future, and the person I am. I am very excited to start learning about all the things possible

I am excited for my life to begin. I know it will be scary at times, and things are going to be hard, but I have had worse I am certain of. I know that I will need guidance, and I will need advice to help me through my life. But that is life. We live and learn, with or with out guidance. I have had the absolute pleasure to have had that early on in my life. I am so thankful and blessed for everything in my life.

I have found my true friends, and I have started to find who I truly am on the inside. My confidence has gained so much, and I feel unbelievably happy and content with my life.

I think knowing that I am going to be my own person in this big world is the most fascinating thing ever. I know there will always be judgment, but this is a new way, and start on life.

I am thrilled to begin.

I am ecstatic to be quite honest.

This blog has given me so much hope, and has been a huge part in gaining my inner confidence. I have heard many stories from others, and I have received so much wisdom from them. Their words are kind, beautiful, and angelic. They give me confidence as well. That I can accomplish anything in the world that I set my mind to.

So I thank you all again for given me the confidence I need to continue to be the strong, confident girl.

My abuse has not only educated me on who I am, but it has educated me on what I am suppose to do in this world. It has educated others as well, and from what others tell me, inspire. Inspiration to tell their stories and to start helping them selves. That give me the greatest joy in the world.

I am loving the inboxes and I hope that I continue to receive more emails from others.

So today remember, HOPE, LOVE, and DETERMINATION can give you great happiness, and wonderful satisfaction! I hope that your story can inspire others, the way mine has hopefully inspired you.

Enjoy the summer, be safe, and have fun!

Love always,
TaylerMarie <3

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