Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let's Clear it Up!

So recently I have found that there has been a misunderstanding for my blog. I do my blog for ADVACACY!! To share my story to others, and spread the awareness. To give others hope that they can move on. To show some insight on someone else's story, and life.

I don't think people take into consideration that this is the hardest thing for me to do. Talking about my abuse. It is NOT easy. It is also not something I am using to "gain" something from it. And who ever thinks that I am using it in a personal greedy way, then that's your opinion, but how dare you think that. This is my personal life, and I am taking risk and limits, to help spread awareness about sexual, and emotional abuse. I have a difficult time sharing, but I do it for a better cause and reason.

I never expected it grow to six other countries, and to have our local newspaper do a interview. I got that interview because I APPLIED to a scholarship, and I won! They wanted to know my story.

And if for some reason that article has upset you in any way then I'm sorry for you, not the article. I am not sorry for sharing my story. My story is helping people around the world. My story, is helping grown adults, children, teens, ect... and if are upset, jealous, angry, or any other negative emotion, about my blog, all you have to do it not read it. This is a place for positive reinforcement from negative situations.

With that, I hope you all continue to read, and support me. I hope that I am helping all of you in some way or another. I will always be here for questions, comments, or concerns. All you have to do is email me at:

Thank you everyone for your patients, and understanding. I will be writing later on tonight! I love you all.

Love always,

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