Saturday, May 11, 2013


I learned a bit this week from a close friend of mine. She, like the rest of us in civics, had to do a project. How she educated others, and tried to change the world. She did her's on body image. She talked about inner beauty, and outter beauty. How no matter what others say, we are all beautiful in our own way.

She also focused on how make-up covers our natural beauty. And that is where I really connected. I connected so much I think because I love my make up. I use my make-up as a shield. I hide behind it. I don't find my natural beauty attractive one bit. I have been this way since I was a little girl, and knew how to apply make-up on my face. I would see these beautiful women on television and think that thier make-up was absolute perfection.

I then would base my beauty off thier's. I would try to match my face to thier's. Nothing about it was positive. If anything, I was hurting my natural beauty, and my skin by putting the make-up on. But at the time, and even 'til this day, I feel like the make-up helps my beauty. My whole face changes. With make-up the shape of face, my nose, and eyes all change in my opinion, and when I don't have make-up on I feel like I look horrible. Like a ghost, or like I got hit by a train.

So when I was listening to her speech, I realized that I need to come to term with my bauty. Because I have already found my inner beauty. I just have to accept what's on the outside. Whether it's what people find beautiful or what they don't have find beautiful. I know I'm not the most gorgeous girl in the whole world, but I know I'm not ugly either.

I guess this is where the phrase, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." comes into play, and it's true. And one day, I will have someone see my outter and inner beauty, and find both absolutely amazing. I know now by her presentation and talk to the class that I need to really focus on myself, and the way I feel about me. I need to find the good place in my mind, because my negative perception on my natural beauty has to change. How can someone find me beautiful, if I don't find myself beautiful?

Beauty will always be a challenge for girls, because society makes it so hard to find acceptance. But know girls, and even guys that you are beautiful, and you are amazing, no matter what anyone else says. Have confidence in what you look like, because your beauty is phenominal, and incredible!

Love Always,

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