Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Handling Frustration?

Frustration can be really over bearing at times. Especially when you are a victim or survivor of abuse. Why? Because when you are living your life, day to day, then you have one off moment, and everything makes you irritable, all the old memories, or the current ones come rushing through your mind. You over think everything. The thing is, you are only making it worse. You do it, sometimes unintentional, and it just builds and builds to your mind, and to your body.

I don't know about most of you, but I know that I do not do well with confrontation, and situations that have so much negativity. I am a very sweet person, but I am human just like anyone else. I get angry. I get frustrated.

I now know how to handle those situations, but before, I felt like I had no control over my emotions, and how to handle them. So I talked to a professional. She was the sweetest lady. She asked me a series of questions, like, "What do you like to do for fun? What triggers you to get angry so quickly? Have you ever tried to handle your emotions? Try to calm yourself down?" and last, but not least, she asked, "Have you ever tried journaling whenever you get angry, or upset, or even when you are happy?" I answered all her questions honestly. And when I responded to her last question, that I did not journal, she was shocked. She also had a huge smile across her face. It was like she knew the solution to my problem. She stood up, walked over to a drawer, and handed me a spiraled notebook, and said "I know it's not a real 'journal' but it will do the trick for now." she continued and said, "For the next week I want to go home and journal. Whenever you feel frustrated, bothered, annoyed, upset, or HAPPY, write it down. Express it in your own words. This your place, your privacy, let how you really feel down on this paper, and when you come back tell me how it worked!"

Of course the next week I went back feeling a lot better than I did the week before. I continued to journal everyday, and when things started getting better, I noticed I would journal less. It really helped me. It let me get out all my true emotions. It let me, be ME! I could say all the things I couldn't to someone else. The anger got easier to control, because I knew that if I just breathed, and walked away, I could write it down. Say what I wanted to say and make peace with that.

There are other ways to try and handle your anger, you can work out, swim, dance, meditate, anything that releases that negative energy, do it!

I hope that this how connected to you, and that it has helped you in some way!

With love, Xoxo!

Love always,

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