Friday, August 2, 2013

Moving past Afflictions

Life gives you curve balls, at the most random times. You think things are going great, then you hear the back of your mind laughing hysterically at you, saying HA! JUST KIDDING! And you have to deal with the next negative situation your life decides you need.

Everyone says we go through all of these trials, and tribulations so that we can become wiser and smarter. I have even blogged about learning from our mistakes. Though, sometimes I wish I could have a life without real problems.Though we wouldn't be the person we are with in ourselves if we did not have those afflictions or that oppression. We try our hardest everyday to surround ourselves with great, positive energy. But I know about the days when you just can't take any of it, and you are stuck. Stuck in that miserable and dark mood. Those are our hardest days. 

When I was going through my depression, and it was deep, and it was dark. I never had hope that I would get better. I did things that I am not proud of today, that's for sure. We take the simple way out of everything when we are in this state of mind. The simplicity of every situations seems like the best route.

But that isn't always the best. When I was at the end of my sophomore year, beginning year of my junior year, everything started to change. I started opening up to others, and things seemed better the more I talked about it. I was healing by expressing my thoughts, and my feelings about it. Then I decided to take a little visit to a wonderful young lady, and she helped me bring a wonderful club on campus to spread awareness of abuse to others at school!

And at one of our youth events, I heard a story that changed my life. I started a blog, and I am now a featured blogger for her website. Honestly, that is a dream, blessing, and more than anything I could have ever asked for. And behind everything that seems to go wrong in our day to day lives, we forget to look at the little things that make our lives have happiness and joy!

It's always hard to get past the negative things. I have been there, and it scares me when I do have my days. Because when I do have those days, I feel like I am back at square one, then I have to remember all my progress, and know that I am stronger than that, and I am stronger than my abuse, and I can make it through anything.

As can any one of you!

I just want everyone to have the life they deserve, and to have love and peace in their hearts, and in their souls.

With that, I hope today was better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today!
Xoxo <3

Love always,

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