Friday, April 12, 2013

The Beginning to My End

Summer night! The parents were out, and the kids were at grandma's house. I was on the computer, and my sister had noticed an odd status of our other sister. Next thing I knew, she instant messaged me on Myspace. She was asking me questions, and I would answer them. Little did I know they would go to an investigator, and then to the police.

About a week later, the police showed up at our house. They wanted to talk to all of us individually. I was watching my sister with the cop. She was crying. Was she telling the truth? What is she saying? I felt like I needed to know her lie, so mine could be similar. I needed guidance, but the cop didn't allow us to talk. Once she was done, it was my turn.

He took me across the street from my house, to his cop car, and began the interview. Do you no why I am here? What really is going on? I suggest you don't lie to me, because I can help you. I lied to him. Every question he asked, I lied. Except for one!

He said, "Do you love your little sister?"
And I responded, "Yes, more than anything!"
He replied with, "Just remember, what you told me determines her future."

That hit me hard. I have never told anyone that. But it constantly plays in my mind. I guess I didn't really understand what that meant at the time. Now I do. He was telling me that if I didn't tell someone the truth now, it would soon happen to her. I could NEVER imagine if that happen to her. I would go crazy, and defend her so quickly. More than anyone. A lot of my focus is on my little sister. If anything horrible happens to her, that was similar to my abuse, I would lose my mind. She is my heart and soul, though we are just like any couple of sisters.

Few weeks later, we started the beginning to our end.

Court started, and we were subpoenaed to go. The first time, we went wasn't that scary. We didn't see him in the court room.

The second time, so nerve racking! I almost cried. He was there. His hair was starting to grow out. He had a blank expression and he didn't look our way once. That petrified me! I couldn't believe this was happening. I thought I'd never have to experience this. I thought my life would end up differently and my life would be amazing, and I would achieve all my dreams and goals, like being an actress, or model, but with what I was experiencing at the time, those dreams were shot. Every dream and goal.

Then there was our final court date. That was the worse. They put us in this tiny back room office. Him at one end of the table, then our entire family at the other. It felt like we were in that room for a lifetime. The judge talking, the lawyers talking, none of it making sense to this 15 year old girl. I held my sister's friend's hand so tight, her hand was purple. The only thing I heard was "... will be sentenced to 10 years in prison..." the rest was a blur. I couldn't stop thinking, how can a man, that molested five girls, get only ten years? That made no sense to me, and it made me angry. I was never an angry person, 'til this time.

I have grown, and prospered, and gained so much knowledge and maturity from this experience. I'm reaching for my goals. I may not be an actress, but I have found new goals and new dreams, and I am determined that my aspirations come true and I become something people told me I could never be!

Love Always,
-Tayler <3

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