Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Big Sister!

Yesterday was a good day. It was well spent with my family, and my brother-in-law's family. We had a barbecue, and enjoyed the time we had together.

Yesterday afternoon, I gave my sister some news that I had recieved a few days past. She was so happy for me, and she looked so proud. I never really seen that before. And then she asked me something that made me feel worthy, and proud to have her as my sister. She said, "Can I tell my part of the story with you one day? Or maybe even a few times?" It made me so happy that she wanted to do this. I am beyond proud of my sister.

We are just like any other sisters. We argue, and fight, but we always make up. But we also can be friends who get along great, and share the moments, like yesterday, together. She always, and I mean always, is giving me advice, and giving me assurance when I am not to confident. I never really tell her that I appreciate that. To be honest most of the advice she has given me, I have taken. It's over the world how influencial and how inspiring my sister is. But she is also older than me, so she has a little more experience.

So I have a plan with my sister. I want her to tell her side of the story. Because I think that we have so much to tell. For example, yesterday, she told me some of her story. And I never knew we had the same feelings. And our feelings may seem confusing to you guys, but to us they make perfect sense to us. Like, the love we had for him, but the hate for the action he did. People don't understand that he was there our whole life. Raising us, providing for us, doing things that a dad should be doing. We confided in him. Those feeling are normal for a child to have, when they see someone as their father figure.

I have been able to reflect on my own life, and I see my sister reflecting on her own. And I see her now. She has a beautiful daughter, and a wonderful dad to her baby. They are happy, and they are growing with one another, and learning. They are becoming something I wish to have in the future.

I see my sister, and it truly gives me hope. It brings tears to my eyes to see my sister so happy, and those are tears of joy, and happiness. She is the best mother, and the best sister, and daughter. She and I will grow closer I am sure. The more I become mature, and learn from her.

I am excited that she is part of my future, and possibly my success! I don't think I would have it any other way. She will inspire, just as much as me, if not more!

Together we will fight through our hardships, and our fears. We will inspire, and educate the world with our personal knowledge, and experience!

There is so much more in our future, both together, and personally.

So today I tell you that your bigger sister can teach you so much about your own experience, about life, how to handle situations, so appreciate everything they do, because they do it for a reason. Their reason may not seem like it makes sense to you, but it will work out in the end.

I love you Big Sister! You are amazing, and I want to thank you for the talk yesterday, and for all the things you have helped me with! You amaze me everyday. And know I appreciate everything. I love you!

-Live life today with appreciation, and love. You never know what tomorrow holds.

Love always,
Tayler Marie

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